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Would any intelligent person play a casino game in which the casino's advantage could be 2% or more? Remember Baccarat? A bet on banker's gives the casino only a 1.2% advantage. If you compare Slot Machines against a bet on Bankers, your chances of winning are nearly 20 times greater in Baccarat. A bet on the Pass Line in Craps has a fourteen times greater chance of winning than a bet in slot machine. So the question becomes, why do people play Slot Machines?

You know the answer as well as I do. People play Slot Machines because they are fun, addictive, and offer big payouts. Even though you know it's unlikely that you will win, there is still the outside chance for riches. Or you will become addicted to the symbols, or the sound of coins being dropped into a metal catcher, or the overwhelmed sensation which can be ignited by ringing bells, flashing lights and even blaring sirens. Or, worse yet, maybe you are one of those super-competitive people who just won't quit until they've beaten the unbeatable.

The odd chance of hitting that online slots jackpot is no doubt a contributing factor to the popularity of playing slots at an online casino.

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