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Original Reel Slot Machines

All of the older machines found in casinos are of the reel variety. Your parents or grandparents might have played them when they were known as "One-armed bandits," but that was back when the only way to play was to insert a coin and pull a handle. Back then the first machines were actually shaped like cowboys. Comparatively speaking, that was in the ice age. Like the difference between radio and television.

On Slot Machines, reels are those things which spin and spin and then finally stop, one at a time. The symbols on the reels determine who wins, and with what regularity. Each reel is covered with many different symbols. The symbols could look like staplers, fire hydrants, or tape recorders. I've never seen any of those on a reel machine, but anything is possible. But, I digress. On the majority of reel machines currently located on Earth there are three reels. Each reel contains approximately 20 symbols. Even if you are playing a slots game which only displays and pays for carrot symbols, there will still be 20 symbol positions. If carrots were the only symbol, there might be 10 carrot symbols on the first reel, 5 on the second reel, and 1 on the third reel. All of the other symbol positions would be occupied by empty spaces. If the reel produces one carrot anywhere on the screen you might qualify for return of wager. Two carrots anywhere on the screen may pay 4 coins, three may pay 10 coins, etc. But the real trick is to get those carrots aligned across the center of the screen (on the Pay Line), all three of them, so you can win, say, 2,000 coins, or maybe even íš150, 000.

What are the odds of hitting the jackpot?


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