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There are a series of combinations based on whether the defination on the paytable, one of them are the winning symbol combination, for example, single bars, double bars, or triple bars.




Each of the bars is black, with red, white, or blue marking. Cross your fingers and hope that you see a lot of bars, because they generate the smaller pay-offs that are going to keep you going until you hit the jackpot. Pay offs for various combinations of single, double, and triple bars run from 5/10 to 50/100. Then the 7's kick in. They look like big, bold 7's and they come in your basic red, white, and blue colors. Any three of them, regardless of color, pays 80/160. Three blue 7's all positioned exactly on the Pay Line are worth 150/300. Three white 7's pays 200/400, and three red 7's pays 250/500. To attain the jackpot, you need to line up a Red 7+a White 7+a Blue 7 in exact order, reading from left to right, on the Pay Line. The pay-off for one coin is 400 coins, the pay-off for 2 coins jumps to an incredible 5,000 coins.

You note that all the pay-off is in proportion to the number of coins bet, until you hit the top. One-coin jackpot=400 coins. Two-coin jackpot=5,000 coins. Which is meant to tell you something. In this case, if you're going to play with the idea of hitting the jackpot you had better play two coins on every attempt.

You proceed to play two credits by hammering the Playing 2 Credits button, you catch a combination of bars that pays 20 coins, and you note another section of the machine, off to the right of the main screen, where there is activity. First, there is a digital tabulator that has just posted the number 20 below a sign that says "Winner Paid." That's the machine's way of confirm what you won. Also, there is another tabulator that has just climbed to 98. Next to that number is says"Credits."This is where the machine will keep a running tally of you total credits. The reason you have 98 is that you started with80, bet 2, then won 20, which should mean your total is 98, and that's what it is so everything is copasetic. There's also another little box which saysú║"Coins Played,"which is confirmation of the number of coins or credits registered for that spin. Had there been reason to dispute the spin, or the results, or the credits, or anything else, the computer keeps a minimum of 25 spins in its memory. The casino's Service Technicians can access the chip and either prove or disprove your claim. You already know you can't fool Mother Nature, so think of the computer chip as an electronic version of her mentor.


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